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Everything you need to know about moving house – at the click of a button.

Are you moving home in Brisbane?

This article was written in conjunction with Brisbane locksmiths, BrizSouth Locksmiths. When you move into a new property you need to consider who has access? Did the last owner’s cleaner return their key, did all the previous tenant’s hand theirs in? Don’t leave it to chance, call BrizSouth Locksmiths in Brisbane, we can change the [...]

The Affluent Suburbs of Melbourne

Looking for a place to live among the richest people of Melbourne? Or are you just plain curious to know how the other half live? Melbourne has a range of suburbs known for its mansions, high-end shopping and population of elite residents. Even if you’re not aiming to join them, it can be fun just [...]

Moving to Melbourne – suburbs to consider

Moving to Melbourne? Here’s 7 inner-city suburbs to consider Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, is a busy and vibrant city, home to over 4 million people. It’s well known for its arts and culture, shopping, trams, coffee shops and AFL. Some of its most famous landmarks include the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Flinders St Station [...]

When It Is Time to Move

If you've lived in a property for any period of time, it's probable that when the time comes to move, you will be faced with the prospect of transferring a number of possessions which are important to you. Some of these will be large. Perhaps a piano, or a tall hallway clock. Or several large [...]

How to Create your Own Home Office Space

Do you work from home? Need space to study or for the kids to complete their homework? Moving in to a new house is the perfect time to think about creating a home office area which is both stylish and functional. Consider the needs of your family and then get to work creating a suitable [...]

Some Cleaning Tips For People Moving Out

Moving home can be one of the most stressful times people experience in their life. What makes it even worse is having to clean your old home before you leave. After completing the time-consuming task of organising and planning to move house, the last thing most people want to do is wash the windows or [...]

Top 5 Ways to Know the Condition of any Living Space when Inspecting the Property

Make sure Moving-In is a Good Move 1. Odour. The moment you step foot inside the property you should take note of any unhealthy odours. Mould is extremely harmful (nasal congestion, coughing, respiratory infections etc), it should not be taken lightly. Some mould can be treated if it's not at its' worst. Check inside cupboards, [...]

Why Do You Need To Hire A Professional Window Cleaner?

If you want to see your home brighter with improved better appearance, windows are the first thing to consider. A clean window can also provide an early warning of potentially dangerous problems, as said by the security industry. Here are some reasons that justify why you should consider opting for a professional window cleaning service. Spotting [...]

7 Ways to Make Your Move Easier

7 Ways to Make Your Move Easier Moving house is a big job which can seem quite overwhelming at first. But, with a little planning and organisation, you can reduce the stress and time involved in the moving process. Here are 7 ways to make your move easier: 1. Pack a separate bag or box [...]

How to Keep Your Family Healthy by Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

We take air for granted, but the air we breathe can have a major impact on our health. If your home’s air quality is less than perfect, there are some fairly simple steps you can take to improve it and improve your family’s health. Keep Things Neat and Tidy One of the most important steps [...]