If you’ve lived in a property for any period of time, it’s probable that when the time comes to move, you will be faced with the prospect of transferring a number of possessions which are important to you.

Some of these will be large. Perhaps a piano, or a tall hallway clock. Or several large items of furniture. Maybe you are the proud owner of a formidable couch in the living area, as well as a gigantic flat screen TV, etc. Then there’s the dining room with a beautiful antique bureau overflowing with your ornament collection as well as dozens of books and keepsakes. In the cabinet underneath, there’s that huge set of fragile crockery that used to belong to your grandmother. This is a mainstay of family seasonal events – how would you manage without the six serving bowls?

As you look around, it occurs to you that you rarely consider your possessions. But now, this has changed! The value you put on personal items and furniture, even the small pieces. is huge. Many simply could not be replaced. And then there are the many cupboards; all overloaded with seldom used but somehow valuable pieces as well as bed linen and clothing. You may even have an expensive cooker that must go with you.

As the harsh reality of the huge task ahead hits you, the question arises: How can you possibly get this done as well as your daily routine? There aren’t enough hours as it is! In all probability, the mechanics of moving your goods from one home to another will be too much to cope with.

The only realistic option is to hire a removal company But you have heard horror stories! You saw that film, Odd Jobs. You think of the crazy removal company and bodybuilder Jake Steinfeld insanely giggling while slamming the bone china dinnerware relentlessly into a barrel. Yes, and friend’s stories! Damaged furniture. Lost personal objects. Many of their precious belongings were irreplaceable and never recovered.

So, to avoid horrors, it is time to begin a search for a reliable removal firm that will deliver your items safely and on time. You probably have friends who have used a good firm. This is an advisable first step. While to some it may seem rude, but it is a good idea to ask removal firms for references from previous customers. Sites such as Trustpilot offer reviews but bear in mind gushing reviews may have been paid for in some cases.

Points to Remember

· A firm that charges considerably less than the majority may not be the best choice. You could find they turn up in an old lorry and reek of whiskey.

· After having done your research, and finding a good firm, it is still wise to take precautions.

· Valuable items must be carefully wrapped. If they are small such as jewellery, move them yourself to your new home. On moving day, it is not a bad idea to be close by, do not interfere, but make sure large pieces of furniture are handled well.

· Remember, not all removal companies can move pianos. If you are lucky enough to own a baby grand, for example, you will need to look for a firm that specialises in moving pianos. The legs must be removed along with other parts and wrapped in well-padded materials.

· A reliable removal company will have full insurance. You may already have insurance yourself, or you can buy additional insurance for the move.

· Removal firms vary greatly; in the quality of the service they offer and in pricing.

· Moving can be stressful, and costly.

· If you have few possessions, it may be possible to use a man & van service to lower costs. In this case, packing should follow the same rules mentioned previously.

Moving with Children and Pets

When you must, or decide to move, the whole experience can be quite upsetting. This applies to children and pets as well.

In most cases, especially when you have small children, you give them enormous help in adjusting by carefully explaining the move as well as enlisting their help in packing.

A very important point to remember is that you should never permit children to ride in the cargo area of a lorry. As to pets, dogs are usually quite adaptable to riding along in your Cooper in total enjoyment. However, if you have a plastic cage or wish to purchase one, having your Fido safely ensconced in his cage will give you one thing less to worry you. Therefore, a cage for your cat is almost a certain necessity. Again, children and pets should never be allowed to ride in the cargo area of a lorry. This is not only very dangerous but illegal as well insofar as humans are concerned. Cats, as we all know, are a breed apart. If one begins when the cat is a mere kitten, it can easily become adapted to riding in a moving vehicle. Once a cat is a bit older, it is next to impossible to get the little beastie to adjust to moving vehicles. In one memorable case, family friends simply threw their two cats into the dark cargo area of a lorry. At the end of the move, one cat never recovered from the trauma and it took years for the other to readjust to everyday life. However, if you do your proper homework and follow some of the above advice, you should be able to see the move through without mishap and soon be relaxing in the comfort of your new home.

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