Cleaning Tips before Moving into a New Place

This blog was written in conjunction with the carpet cleaning professionals at Canadian Carpet Cleaning.

Changing your address and starting a new life is always a busy, exciting, and somewhat stressful period. Whether you’ve just bought your own place or you are simply renting another apartment, there is always a lot of work to de before you’re actually able to enjoy your new home.

You probably had to clean the old place before moving out, and even though hopefully the old tenants of your new apartment (if there were any) did the same, but still, it’s always better to double check and even double clean than necessary.

Prepare the Equipment

Before you start, make sure you have all you need for cleaning, and make sure you have it at hand. Of course, you will need different chemicals for cleaning, but also don’t forget rubber gloves and sponges.

You will most likely need some microfiber cloths and rags. A bucket and mop will come in handy for cleaning the floors. A broom and a duster are almost always indispensable.

Also, you might want to have a vacuum cleaner ready for the final touch.

Start from the Kitchen

Somehow, the kitchen seems to be the biggest cleaning challenge. It tends to accumulate so much dirt, but also smells.

Even though it has been previously thoroughly cleaned but the tenants, there still might be layers of dirt and icky stuff you will have to take care of.

Start cleaning it from the top by dusting the ceiling, walls, corners, and vents. After that, you can move on to cupboards and cabinets, which are hopefully empty, but could still use some dusting. Don’t forget the counters which should be the easiest part.

Fridge and oven, on the other hand, might be quite a challenge, so be ready to put some serious effort, depending on the condition you found them in.


Whichever room you are cleaning, cleaning experts suggest to always start from the top in order to avoid doing the same job twice. Since all the dirt is eventually going to end up on the floors, leave them for the end.

Try to collect the major dirt, if there is any by broom and duster, or first vacuum to take care of the big mess. Depending on the floor type, then wipe it, sweep it or whatever other method works well. Another vacuuming, especially if there are carpets, will make sure your floors are super clean and ready for the new owners.

Also, some types of floors might need the final protective layer, so why not take care of that as well, so you don’t have to think about it later.


This is maybe the most important part of the house when it comes to cleaning. Since you are quite likely going to use it while cleaning, for washing the cloths, changing the water and washing out, you might want to leave it for the very end.

Again, just like with everything else, start from the top. Dust the ceiling, vents, and fans, and then move on to the walls. Wipe all the tiles well. Also, if you have windows in the bathroom, make sure you don’t skip them.

Empty the cabinets if necessary and wipe them as well. Do the same with the towel, toilet paper, and soap holders. Scrub the shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink and make sure everything is properly disinfected. Finally, take care of the floors and enjoy in your new sparkling clean bathroom.

This blog was written in conjunction with the carpet cleaning professionals at Canadian Carpet Cleaning.