A Guide To Moving To Australia

Moving to Australia? Here’s What You Need to Know

With year-round sunshine, 21,000 miles of sandy coastline, friendly locals and a fantastic quality of life ideal for raising a family, moving to Australia from the UK is the ultimate dream for a lot of Brits.

Here, we look at just what makes Australia such a great place to live, the close ties we share with the Aussies and why so many Brits are packing up and leaving the UK for an international removal to Australia.

Obtaining a Visa

Although Australia is easy to visit as a tourist, it’s a bit more difficult to settle as an expat. British and EU tourists obtain their visa through the eVisitor scheme which offers a 90-days stay over the course of 12 months.

For permanent residence in Australia, things can be difficult – their immigration policy is strict and works on a points basis. The three most common types of visa are:

  • Skilled: Independent Visa
  • Skilled: Nominated Visa
  • The 457 Visa

It’s important to research which one applies to you in good time well before your move.

The Australian Way of Life

The Aussies are famed for their love of the great outdoors – and with such breathtaking natural landscapes from coast to coast, who can blame them? The long-held British stereotype of Aussies being beer-swigging, barbie-loving extroverts isn’t actually too far off the mark!

However, the Aussies are extremely friendly and don’t think twice about engaging a stranger in conversation – something us Brits have always struggled with! Aussies hold politeness and fairness in high regard – two qualities that make them so warm, friendly and approachable.

The Cost of Living

Compared to most other Westernised countries, Australia isn’t cheap! You can expect to pay more for pretty much everything in Australia – from consumer goods to rent. However, higher wages offset the high cost of living by making everything relative.

Popular Cities for Brits

Four of the most popular cities for Brits moving to Australia are Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.


Wrapped around the world’s largest natural harbour, the city is vibrant with a strong economy. Sydney is a city for everyone! Trek and climb around the local Blue Mountains or spend time swimming and surfing on Bondi Beach.

The city has a fantastic mix of sport, culture, music and history, and is home to several major festivals every year.


With 50% of its residents born overseas and another 30% speaking a second language, Melbourne is one of Australia’s most multi-cultural cities. Many of the city’s streets have a European feel about them and show a huge range of diverse architecture, historical buildings, parks and gardens.

Melbourne is a relatively young city but has a high cost of living. However, a strong jobs economy makes it a great place to work and draws expats from right across Europe.


Perth is one of the most ‘British’ cities in Australia, with Brits making up over 10% of the local population! Mining plays a huge role in Perth’s local economy, with a large number of expats involved in the mining sector – many of whom brought their families with them.

Agriculture is also a major local contributor to the local economy and despite Perth being the only major city on Australia’s west coast, it remains a young and thriving city.

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