The bedroom battle – how to clean out your room for moving

Our bedrooms are a place of comfort and serenity; the place we return to when we want to get away from it all with some rest and relaxation. So, when it comes to thinking about how to clean out your room for a big move, the process can seem quite daunting. This is true for the process of packing and moving itself, but the thought of having to reclaim that sense of serenity in a new location can be equally troubling.

With several years experience assisting families moving house in Sydney, we at Hire A Mover have managed to pick up quite a few tips and tricks for those looking to take on the moving process. So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at how to clean out your room for moving!

The Little Things

Unless you’ve dedicated yourself to the minimalist lifestyle, chances are that you have a lot of bits and pieces cluttering up your bedroom. Whether it be masses of wires leading to TVs, phones, alarms, etc., or the mainstays on your bedside table that you’ll “put away later” (circa. 6 months ago), it’s best to get them out of the way.

This doesn’t just go for those objects on display either. When thinking about how to clean out your room, you should also be thinking about what is going to happen to these things during the moving process. A pair of glasses left in your drawers aren’t necessarily going to come out the other side of your move looking stylish, if you catch my drift. By removing all of the small trinkets and necessities beforehand, you can then focus on the bigger picture.

The Clothing Considerations

 If you’re like most people and prefer to keep your clothes in your bedroom, these will need somewhere to go. Before starting the process of physically moving your clothes, however, there are two things you should do beforehand.

Firstly, go out and purchase some sturdy garbage bags or other vessel for your clothing. Generally, due to the space that they take up, people tend to shy away from boxing their clothes; instead opting for more space-efficient options. By purchasing these beforehand, you’ll have a place to put things and avoid any unnecessary clutter.

Secondly, clean your clothes before you pack them. If you’re reading a blog on how to clean out your room before moving, it can be assumed that you’re looking to complete this process as meticulously as possible. By cleaning your clothes before packing them, you can avoid a rather unpleasant part of the unpacking process. Plus, mixing clean and dirty clothes in an enclosed bag is only going to lead to more cleaning when you’re done.

Having a clear picture of the world

An area typically missed during the week to week cleaning of properties are windows. Both inside and out. Depending on if you’re living in an apartment or house, cleaning outside windows may only be done a couple of times a year and often need assistance by a professional cleaning company. Make sure you choose a company that provides free quotes, are fully insured, use eco friendly products and have some good reviews.

Mattress Matters

 Now that you’ve gotten the smaller things out of the way, it’s time to go for the big league: your bedding. Before tackling your bed as a whole, take remove all of your bedding, including sheets, doonas, pillows etc. This can be placed in a bag or moving box, just as you’ve done with your clothing. Then (if you can) get some friends to help you move your mattress into a plastic mattress cover to avoid scuffing or damage once it’s in the moving van or truck.

Once all of this is done, you are ready to simply dismantle your bed frame and move it into an area where it won’t obstruct the rest of your move.

Working out how to clean out your room for moving can be a frustrating process, but once you have a plan in place, it is always simpler than you think. If you need some assistance with the next step of the moving process, get a comprehensive quote from Hire a Mover today for a wide range of specialist removalist services.  This article was written in conjunction with Blue Mop Clean, a professional cleaning company.