Political Movement: All Change at The White House

Not quite feeling up to the job of moving house? Well, finally here’s some celebrity inspo in our favourite area. As the new Trump administration moves into power in the US, the Obamas are moving out. And after eight years at the White House, Barack Obama and his family are relocating from the White House to a new home.

Although they plan to move to a property only two miles away (remaining in the area while daughter Sasha completes high school), the Obamas would have been facing down a good deal of logistical planning. If you thought you could use some help, this job is certainly one for the removalists!

The family began packing their personal items ahead of the official moving day, last Saturday. We can only presume that the cartons loaded onto the trucks were sensibly packed with even weight distribution… However, the Obamas did employ a service specialising in the safe transportation of fine art.

If we were them, we’d take all the help we could get. The residential floor of the White House is comprised of three sitting rooms (one for the Queen, of course), three bedrooms, a kitchen, galleries and a Treaty Room. And that doesn’t include the more loosely named East and West rooms, the Yellow Oval Room, Grand Staircases and the ‘Cosmotology Room’. Even by our estimate – and with no idea what a Cosmotology Room is when it’s at home – thats a lot of moving!

Even at the best of times, the changeover can be emotional for the White House. This one promises to be fairly impactful – obviously for America, but also for the staff who will be looking after the Trumps. Obama was known for his preference for healthy snacks; bowls of apples and late night almonds were a constant on the White House grocery lists. Apparently Trump is more of a Doritos and Lays chips kind of guy.

Although Trump’s team have declined to confirm on the family’s plans for the presidential residence, they have confirmed that they’re redecorating and working with curators on the artworks and furniture available. Whether it will have the gold-encrusted touches of Trump Tower, or the reported ‘glam room’ requested by Melania, we shall see.

According to a member of the White House staff, Michelle Obama’s priority on moving day was to settle the two girls in for the first night. Although the Clinton’s partied until 3am before handing over the residence to George Bush, and apparently mistakenly took over $50,000 worth of gifts with them in the rush to leave on time. But as yet, we don’t know if the memes were right, and Joe Biden left any sort of parting gift for Donald Trump.