Make Your Move Into An Easier 2017

We spend a lot of time thinking about how stressful it can be to move house. The organising, the packing, the costs… it’s a lot of work. Although, with a bit of planning you can definitely minimise the hassle involved. It’s also worth remembering that that stress lasts for just days. However, take a more long term view and you might discover that moving house could actually reduce your stress in a big way.

If you’re taking the opportunity to think about what you might want from the new year, maybe have a think about whether 2017 is the year to make your move. After the Christmas break, and some quality time together, you might be thinking about how you’d like to be closer to family. Especially if you currently make frequent long journeys to meet up, moving closer could save you time and money. You might even be in need of ready and willing babysitters…

Alternatively, some of you might be considering how pleasant it would be to be out of reach of extended family, after all the enforced festivity. Which is perfectly understandable.

Young families might also find that they could do with a bit of extra space. Growing children and growing families easily start to get on top of each other. Even just a garden space gives you a place to put the kids while you catch your breath.

Alternatively, a smaller property could save you some stress. Rooms that you don’t use at least once week are simply unnecessary spaces that need cleaning and maintaining. Save yourself some energy by thinking about downsizing. It’s also the perfect opportunity to declutter and get rid of some unnecessary things.

Older residents might also find that a more modern property feels easier. Old houses are often beautiful and unique. However, equally, they often boast outdated appliances and utility supplies. Moving to a newer property can help you save money and worry. Modern boilers, electrics and even heating appliances can make a real difference.

Unfortunately, where you live can be a bit of a compromise. Character or convenience? Luckily you can sometimes combine the two. But if you’re thinking that a complete change in lifestyle is in order, why not do something about it this year? Moving closer to a community or amenities could mean that you don’t need to get into your car all the time. Making the big move to a new city or the country could help you get going on the life you always wanted. For just a few weeks of stress, you could be looking at a much more relaxed 2017.