Moving With Pets Tips

How to Get Your Furry Friend to Their New Home

As humans, we like knowing our surroundings. This is one of the big reasons that moving home is such an important decision. It’s a process of transition; taking the life that we’ve built in a specific place and completely upheaving it for a new beginning. However, we also understand and appreciate the fantastic things that come with new surroundings. The chance to start fresh and build a life that is based on our current lives.

Moving with pets is a little different. Unlike people, our furry friends don’t really understand the intricacies of shifting into a new environment. Plus, with all of the moving parts and fast changes that come with packing up a home, it can be a little scary. So, it’s important to take measures that ensure as calm and simple a transition as possible. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of moving with pets tips to help you and your animal companions make it through your next home shift with ease!

Introduce Them to Their New Surroundings

Being in an area they don’t recognise as their environment can be quite intimidating to animals, especially those that are more territorial. So, if possible, make trips to your new home and surrounding areas with your pets in the lead up to your move. Go to parks in the area, let them get acquainted with the backyard, take them for walks through the neighbourhood. This will help them to see this new place as familiar territory.

Try to Avoid Rushing Things

Animals are better at picking up on emotions than we often give them credit for. So, if you’re frantically stressing about all of the little things that go into planning a move, it’s going to make the situation more stressful for your pet. So, start well in advance with your planning. That way, you can spend more time focussed on the wellbeing of your animal friend(s).

Plan Out Your Journey

If you’re travelling a long distance to your new destination, make sure that the trip itself isn’t too overwhelming. Long, unbroken car rides can be hard on animals, especially given that they can’t just come out and say that they’re dehydrated, uncomfortable, or in desperate need of a bathroom break. When planning out your route, try to find pet-friendly motels and other places to stop and unwind with animal and human companions alike. Extended travel is difficult for everyone involved, and it’s refreshing to have a reason to step away from the stress of your move for a bit.

Accommodate the Specific Needs of Your Pets

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan for moving with pets, and each one is going to have different needs. For example, a bird is going to be far easier to stress than a canine, and placing a blanket to shield light is going to be considerably more effective on a feathered friend than a furry one. If you’re unsure as to the requirements of your particular breed, check with a vet, or look it up online.

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