Is It Wise to move to NYC during Holiday Season?

Almost everyone dreams of visiting New York City at least once in their lives, and many yet wish to move to this city for good. New York is where life happens. People come here to find a job, find the love of their life, or find a purpose of living. Whether you are pursuing a fantasy, making a change in your life, or simply moving because of work, NYC can be a great place to live. But what if you have to move to NYC during the holiday season?

Although the city gets more beautiful than usual during the holiday season, it also gets more crowded. The snow that attracts many tourists will also make it harder for the traffic to run smoothly.

So, should you move to NYC during the holiday season? There is no simple answer to that. Let’s break it down to the pros and cons of moving to NYC during the holiday season so you can make a better decision yourself:


A Little Lighter on Your Pocket:

Moving to NYC is expensive. The apartments cost a lot, and the fares are pretty high. But since winter is the off-season for moving, you can save a little bit of money by moving to NYC during the holiday season. The best days to move to NYC are on a Tuesday or Wednesday, as the companies tend to offer their best rates. If you are worried about finding a NYC movers or packers company for professional assistance, stop worrying. A simple online search should tell you enough.

Witness The Wonders of NYC First Hand:

New York, in the holidays is a sight to behold. Many Christmas movies are shot in NYC during the holiday season, and no extra sets are needed for the film. In fact, many people developed a desire to see New York during the holidays after watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York as a kid.

If you move to New York during the holiday season, you can see that famous Rockefeller centre Christmas tree yourself, visit the beautifully decorated shops, and listen to Christmas songs coming from different stores all day long no matter which street you are crossing. Above all, you will get to enjoy a white Christmas. It is going to snow during the holiday season, and you will be able to enjoy a snowy Christmas with your family. Moving can be quite hard for kids. Adjusting to the new environment and trying to make new friends can make them angry and anxious. But the Christmas in New York can make your kids happy. If the Christmas in New York is enjoyable by adults, it is a heaven for kids!


The one thing that you should look forward to the most is the entertainment the city has to offer during the holiday season. Although there is no shortage of entertaining things in NYC all around the year, the peak of entertainment possibilities arrives during the holiday season.

Fairs, holiday markets, and bazaars are set up everywhere in the city. More than 200 vendors display their items. You can get handmade jewellery directly from their creators and enjoy live DJ performances at all the markets.



A sea of tourists swims into NYC during the holiday season. The crowd makes moving harder. Even sightseeing will be no fun in the holiday season, and you can forget about trying all the good restaurants. Unless you have ways to avoid the crowd. The city stays full of people throughout the year, but the situation gets worse during the holiday season. You will need to make multiple trips to the market in the first few days after moving. But the busy streets of New York will make commuting hard. If you are moving to New York from a less crowded city, you will find it harder to adjust in the hustle bustle of New York.

Bad Weather:

There is a reason people don’t move during winter. Adverse weather conditions can damage your furniture or plastic items, not to mention the discomfort of packing and unpacking boxes in winter. If you have kids, you would want nothing more than to keep them inside your warm house all the time during winter. Seasonal allergies can get to kids pretty quickly. People want to enjoy the holiday season snuggled up in their blankets and staying warm in the comfort of their homes. Moving to NYC during the snowy holiday season can bring you more discomfort than you can imagine. Although it may seem impossible to survive the Winter in New York, it isn’t all that bad.

Moving to NYC during the holiday season has its pros and cons, but if you must make the move, then a little planning can help you handle the discomforts of the move in a better way. Giving yourself time to adjust to the crowds of NYC and moving your furniture in the storage a few weeks before moving can make your move a lot easier.