How to Create your Own Home Office Space

Do you work from home? Need space to study or for the kids to complete their homework?

Moving in to a new house is the perfect time to think about creating a home office area which is both stylish and functional.

Consider the needs of your family and then get to work creating a suitable space using one of these options:

Turn a guest room into an office

If you have a spare room you could consider turning it into a home office. This is the ideal option if you work from home or will need to spend a lot of time in the office area. Having a dedicated space which is free from distractions and can be closed off from the rest of the house is the ultimate office location.

For this option you’ll need to consider what you’re giving up by converting the room to an office. How often do you have guests staying over and will you be able to accomodate them in another area of the house instead? Can you add a sofa bed or fold-out sleeping option in another room? Do you have another room to spare?

Also think about what items and furniture you’re currently storing in this room they can remain where they are or will need to be relocated to another room in the house. We would always recommend a freshly painted room.

With some planning you could even combine a guest room and home office into one room if you don’t want to give up the guest space. Just remember you probably won’t be able to work in it when you have guests staying though.

Create a study nook

If you don’t have space for a separate office area, why not create a work or study nook instead? Choose a quiet space away from interruptions and the general traffic of the house so you’ll be free to work in peace.

There are many compact desk options available that can fit into just about any space. You just might need to think a little creatively. Convert a space in a bedroom, a quiet corner in the living area or utilise space under a staircase.

For inspiration on small study areas and nooks, head to IKEA’s website.

Consider a office separate from the house

If you have the budget and the desire you can create a brand new home office that is detached from the main house. You can build a small backyard office from scratch or choose from some prefabricated options such as pods or kits.

These options are ideal if you need to have clients visiting your workspace or if you want to be completely free from the distractions of the house. Just be aware you’ll need to consider things like electricity, toilets and air conditioning or heating in addition to the build.

Whichever option you decide, moving house is the perfect time to think about creating a dedicated space for work or study.

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