Do You Need to Put your Items Into Storage?

You might think hiring a storage facility is only something that’s needed when you’re moving house but there are plenty of other occasions in life when you might also need one.

Moving your items out of your home and into a safe and secure storage facility can help create more room in your house and can save you from having to get rid of items due to space constraints. Storing items for shorter periods of time can also make overseas travel easier, or help to prepare your house for temporary or long-term guests.

Here are some times when you might need to consider hiring a storage facility:


If you’re downsizing your house you’ll probably find it difficult to fit all of your existing items into your new, smaller place. You might consider sorting through what you no longer need, but then what do you do with other items you can’t bring yourself to part with? Putting items into storage can help you keep things you’d otherwise have to throw or give away – just make sure they’re items you really do intend to use again though.

Storage facilities can be great places to store childhood items, photographs, antiques or other sentimental items that aren’t needed everyday but are simply too precious to part with. Make sure they’ll be safe though by choosing a reputable storage facility with adequate security and fire prevention measures.

Going overseas or on an extended holiday

If you’re heading overseas or around Australia for an extended holiday you might need to hire a storage facility to keep your items safe and secure until you return. This will be particularly important if you’re selling your home or moving out of your current rental property until you return.

If you’re temporarily renting out your house or having someone house-sit while you’re away, you might want to clear out some space so your guests can make themselves at home while you’re gone.

Out-of-season clothing or other seasonal items

Why keep all of your bulky Winter clothes at home taking up all your precious wardrobe space when you could put your out-of-season clothes into storage? Pack your items with care and then store them until it’s time for Winter again.

Other seasonal items such as Christmas and Halloween decorations also take up a lot of space in your home. Consider moving those items to a storage facility for the bulk of the year they are not in use, giving you more space at home for the important things.

Bulky or over-sized items

Don’t have space at home for bulky or over-sized items such as bikes, kayaks or skiis? There’s no need to get rid of them when you can move them to a storage facility until you need them again. Or, if you prefer, you could make some extra room in the garage for your boat, jetski or additional car by moving out some of the smaller items you don’t use too often into a storage facility instead.

Renting out your house

Looking to make some extra money? Many people are renting out rooms or even their entire house for periods of time through websites such as Airbnb and Stayz. Whether it’s a permanent or temporary arrangement for you, you might want to move some of your items into storage to make space or just to protect your precious possessions from accidental damage or breakage.

Consider moving out excess clothing, seasonal decorations and bulky items as well as sentimental items such as photos and momentos.

Hire A Mover has storage services available to our clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide. Hire A Mover will help you move your items into storage and can also move them out again and into your new home.

No matter if you need short term storage in-between homes or if you are moving overseas and need long term storage, our safe and secure facilities in convenient locations will be sure to suit your needs.

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