7 Ways to Make Your Move Easier

7 Ways to Make Your Move Easier

Moving house is a big job which can seem quite overwhelming at first. But, with a little planning and organisation, you can reduce the stress and time involved in the moving process.

Here are 7 ways to make your move easier:

1. Pack a separate bag or box with the basics

You’ve packed everything you own into moving boxes which are now piled around your new house. But which box contains the cutlery, plates and cups so you can have dinner? Oh, and where are the sheets for the bed?

These are questions you don’t want to have to think about on the first night in your new house. Make sure it doesn’t happen by packing a separate bag or box filled with the essential items you’ll need for that all important first night. Include some cutlery, plates and cups, towels and linen for beds and some soap, shampoo and toothpaste for the bathroom – plus anything else you think you’ll need.

2. Follow the checklist

Following a checklist can help make sure you’re doing all the things you need to do at the right time, and can make sure you don’t accidently forget an important aspect of your move. You can also use a checklist to delegate tasks to your partner, family or friends.

Don’t waste time trying to create your own, use our handy checklist instead.

3. Label boxes which room they will be going into

When labeling your moving boxes, include both the contents of the box and the room they belong in on each one. This makes unpacking faster as each box can be placed in the right room straight out of the removal truck. It also helps any family or friends (or professionals you’ve paid to help you) who are helping you move to know where everything needs to go. Also, cleaning your new place is vital! Ensure  all the cupboards and drawers have been cleaned thoroughly before unpacking your new items.

4. Take a photo of electronics so you remember where all the cords go

There’s nothing worse than the confusion that comes from trying to reconnect your television, DVD player and gaming consoles again when you get to your new place. To save yourself from having to dig out the instruction manuals again, take a photo of your existing set-up before you pack it all up. That way, when it comes to reassembling everything, you’ll have a handy guide to know just where everything goes.

5. Take pictures of your house

Take pictures of your house once you’ve packed everything up and cleaned it, especially if it’s a rental property. This shows the condition you’ve left your old house in, and also documents the condition your new house is in before you start moving in.

You might even want to take pictures of your old house BEFORE you start packing up both to remember how it was and to help inspire you in setting up your new place.

6. Hire a babysitter or pet sitter

If you have small children or pets, it can be difficult to pack and unpack with them around. Try to organise a babysitter or pet sitter to help make the process easier. The best time to do this is when the removal truck is loading and unloading so there’s no small people or animals underfoot, and to keep them safe.

It can also help to have the little ones and pets looked after for the first day or two of unpacking so you can settle into your new house much faster.

7. Hire professionals to help

Getting friends and family to help with your move is a great idea but there’s some jobs that should be left to the professionals. If you have heavy furniture that needs to be moved or if you need to move in a hurry, it’s a good idea to hire removalists to help get the job done.

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Moving got you stressed out? Follow these 7 simple steps to make your move easier. And, if all else fails, call in the house cleaning professionals to help get the job done.

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This article was written in conjunction with our removal partner in Wirral UK, A Smooth Move & Store.