The comforting news for those moving with us is that Hire A Mover is insured – both with Goods in Transit Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

What you’re covered for

You are covered under our Goods in Transit Insurance for damage to your items that we are moving if our movers are negligent. You are also covered for damage to your property (for example, walls and carpet) under our Public Liability Insurance (PLI).

Not only do the majority of our competitors simply not include insurance, we also hear countless stories of removal companies telling their customers it is simply not the removal company’s problem when something gets damaged.

With Hire A Mover, on the rare occasion that something goes wrong, we take responsibility for our actions and always endeavour to provide a timely and positive outcome for the client – whether it be repair, replacement or satisfactory compensation. We understand moving is stressful enough and simply won’t wash our hands and leave you with the problem.

What you’re not covered for

You are not covered for damage when you request us to move items that are not strong enough or suitable to be transported. Old or very fragile furniture may not be suitable for transit in a removal truck. Our movers will try point this out to you, however, please note that if these items fall apart when lifted or during transit, our insurance will not cover any damage that may occur.

You are also not covered for general breakage if we have not packed your items. A good example of this is when you place a bunch of items loosely in a box and during the move those items move around and break.

It is recommended for delicate items such as kitchenware and antiques, you utilise the service of Hire A Packer to properly wrap and pack your items. 2 experienced packing ladies for 4 hours for only $480 is a small price to help ensure your valuables arrive in their original condition at the destination.

In addition, for third party events, if the damage is outside the removalists’ control and our movers are not considered negligent, then you are not covered. For example, if a car crashes into the side of our removal truck and damages your goods. In this case if it was found to be the car at fault, you would not be covered by our insurance.

Do you still need to obtain your own insurance?

Hire A Mover only employ experienced and careful movers who take care of your belongings. As less than 1% of our moves result in any form of damage, your risk is therefore relatively low.

Having said that, occasionally, things happen outside our control. We therefore recommend to all clients to take insurance – it is a small upfront cost that will provide you with extra piece of mind.

We recommend taking out insurance through our insurance partner, Removal Insurance Australia. Simply click on this link to get a quote, alternatively, you can call them on 1300 880 253.

Ready to get moving?

We hope we have answered all your questions, if you are ready to make a move please fill in the quote form and we will contact you to finalise the finer details.