If you’re about to move house in Brisbane, you might be wondering how much a move in Brisbane should cost you. It’s important to be able to accurately budget for your relocation so you know how much money you need to set aside and you won’t be faced with any unexpected expenses.

While the cost of your move will vary depending on a range of individual factors, the following guide should help you figure out how much money you need to set aside for your move. The first rule to remember is that every move is different so don’t base your upcoming move on your past move.

Moving factors

The following factors will contribute to the cost of using a removalist in Brisbane:

Property size and furniture

The size of your property and how much furniture you have to move will play a role in how much your Brisbane removal will cost. If you have a large house, obviously that will take longer to pack, transport and unpack than a smaller one. The amount of furniture you have to relocate also makes a difference to the overall cost. A larger house typically has more furniture than a smaller one but this is not always the case. If you have a large house with a small amount of furniture, or a small apartment with a large amount of furniture, mention this when requesting a quote to make sure it accurately reflects your needs. Hire A Mover will then be able to allocate the correct amount of movers and the right size truck for your job.


If all your furniture and other items are packed and ready to go before our removalists arrive, this will make the job easier and more efficient – costing you less in the process. If you’re packing yourself, make sure everything is in clearly labelled boxes stating which room they belong in, and disassemble all larger furniture before the removalists arrive so they don’t have to spend time doing this. If you have your items suitably prepared for packing it will mean the job is completed faster and will cost you less.

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The distance between your two properties will have an impact on the cost involved in moving too. The closer your two properties are, the quicker it will be for the removalists to drive your items from one place to another. A removal truck will take a little longer to get there than a car though and you’ll also need to take into consideration traffic conditions, as well as whether or not the truck will need to use toll roads. It’s best to avoid peak hour traffic if possible, especially around the city areas of Brisbane, remembering that moving between the Southside and Northside suburbs of Brisbane can take some time during peak hour and school times. Our Brisbane moving teams typically start at 8am which means by the time they have packed up your property and are ready to hit the road peak hour traffic should be over.

Parking the truck

Having an appropriate place for the removal truck to park with easy access to both properties is essential. It’s important to let the movers know of any loading zones or parking spaces close to your property. Street parking can be limited in some parts of Brisbane so if you are able to reserve a parking spot at your property, this will save the movers a lot of time. Movers typically make between 30 and 100 trips between the property and your truck so you can save hours of time and money by having somewhere close for the truck to park.

If there is only street parking available, you might like to put out safety cones to keep the spots free until the truck arrives. If you have a loading dock beneath your building, check that the clearance is at least 3.2 metres as this is the minimum clearance a Brisbane removal truck will require. Larger trucks may require up to 3.7 metres in clearance.

Lift or stairs?

If your Brisbane movers are required to use a lift or stairs at your property, this can create an additional expense to your move. When using a list, the movers have to double handle all your goods – moving items to the lift, loading into the lift, unloading from lift and loading onto the truck. If the lift is small this will also limit how much furniture can be fit into each trip. Consider too if you are on a high level of the building, or if the lift is slow. This can easily add a couple of hours onto the loading and unloading times. If you do have a lift at either of your properties, it may be best to request an additional removalist as this will help reduce the move time and can end up saving you money.
Stairs can also add time to your move. if you have stairs at either property, especially if it is more than one set, we recommend requesting an additional mover to help on the day. If you have a lot of stairs you should also consider that the movers can slow down over the course of the day as they begin to get tired.

How long will an average move in Brisbane take?

While every move and every property is different, you can get a rough idea of how long it might take for your Brisbane move. Our movers will work as quickly and professionally as possible, ensuring they take care of your items and trying to avoid damage or injury.

The following estimates are averages based on moving times we have undertaken over the past few years in Brisbane. Remember that any of the factors listed above will increase the moving times, as well as any unforeseen factors which occur on the day.

Generally, it takes 1 hour to load 10 cubic metres and 1 hour to unload 10 cubic metres.

A typical studio/1 bedroom unit takes 2-4 hours.
A typical 2 bedroom apartment/house takes 4-6 hours.
A typical 3 bedroom apartment/ house takes 5-8 hours.
A typical 4 bedroom house takes 7-10 hours.

Please note Hire A Mover has a 2 hour minimum on every move plus any applicable travel fees.

How much will a Brisbane removalist cost for an average move?

Hire A Movers normally hourly rates are $130 an hour (including GST) for 2 men and a truck Monday to Thursday, and $140 an hour Friday to Sunday. The rate for 3 men and a truck is $170 an hour Monday to Thursday, and $180 an hour Friday to Sunday. If you are moving within 30km of the Brisbane CBD, there is typically a once-off travel fee of $65.

With this in mind, here are some estimates of Brisbane removal costs, all assuming you are moving within the local metro area Monday to Thursday. All costs include GST:

● A typical studio/1 bedroom unit taking between 2-4 hours with 2 movers and a truck would cost between $325 and $585. This includes a $65 call out/travel charge assuming you are moving within the local metro area.

● A typical 2 bedroom apartment/house taking between 4-6 hours with 2 movers and a truck would cost between $585 and $845. This includes a $65 call out/travel charge assuming you are moving within the local metro area.

● A typical 3 bedroom apartment/house taking between 5-8 hours with 3 movers and a truck would cost between $935 and $1445. This includes an $85 call out/travel charge assuming you are moving within the local metro area.

● A typical 4 bedroom house taking between 7-10 hours with 3 movers and a truck would cost between $1275 and $1785. This includes an $85 call out/travel charge assuming you are moving within the local metro area.

If you are moving on a Friday to Sunday, you’ll need to add an additional $10 an hour to the above prices.

How does Hire A Mover compare to other Brisbane removalists?

You will always be able to find lower or higher hourly rates than Hire A Mover. It is important to remember though that inexperienced movers will take significantly longer to move your goods than professional movers. Experienced movers will also have the knowledge and skills to load a truck to ensure there is no damage during transit. You should take this into consideration when choosing a Brisbane removalist based on price alone.

At Hire A Mover, we recommend looking at the reviews on Facebook and Google for potential removalist companies. Every removalist company will have some negative reviews, however it is important to look at the overall quality of the reviews and question any company with only 5 star reviews to ensure these are legitimate.

If you need a Brisbane removalist, let us help you. Fill out our online quote form here or give us a call on 1300 358 700.