What you should do with your pets when you move

Moving house can be disruptive for your whole family. Your items are in boxes, you have packers and movers coming and going, and your routine goes out the window. While this disrupts the lives of the people living in your house it can be especially concerning for your pets – especially cats and dogs who thrive on routine and your company.

So, how can you make the process of moving house less stressful for your furry friends? Read on to find out.

Leave them some space

During the moving process, it can be helpful to section off an area for your pet so they can retain their own space for as long as possible. If you have a dog, that might mean keeping them confined to an area of the backyard while the moving is happening inside the house. If you have an indoor dog or cat, leave one room for them to hang out in that still contains their favourite toys or scratching post for as long as you can. Keep the door closed during busy times to keep them calm and ensure they don’t escape out of any open doors or become frightened by visiting removalists.

Hire a pet sitter

If you have an overly anxious pet or you’re concerned about them getting underfoot, you could hire a pet sitter to help during the moving process. If you can’t find a willing friend or family member to look after your pet for you, there are plenty of professional organisations who offer pet sitting services. Choose to have your pet looked after in your own home or in the home of the pet sitter. You could even get them to take your dog for a walk or play with them at the park so you can get your all-important packing done while your pet has a fun time themselves.

Consider boarding facilities

If your move will take a long time or if you’re concerned about how your pet will take the disruption to their regular lives, it might be better to have them stay somewhere else. This can help stop you having to worry about your stressed animal escaping or becoming frightened by new people and changes to their regular environment.

Have them stay with a trusted friend or relative for a few days while you get your items packed and ready to go. Have them returned to you on the final night at your new place or once your items have been unpacked into your new place to make settling in a bit easier.

If it’s not possible for a friend or family member to take your pet, you should be able to find a boarding facility nearby that will be well-equipped to keep your pet happy and cared for while you’re getting things organised.

Settle your pet in slowly

Once you’re in your new place, settle your pet into their new surroundings slowly. Confine them to a small space at first, making sure they have some familiar items, furniture and toys to help make them feel at home and become accustomed to the new smells and sounds of their new home. Slowly introduce your pet to other rooms in the house and the outdoor area.

If you have a dog, ensure your backyard is secure before allowing them to explore their new space. It can be useful to temporarily fence off a smaller section of yard until you can be sure they won’t escape while they are settling in.

Update address details

Before you allow your pet to roam free at your new place, ensure you update all ID tags and microchips to include your new address. This is especially important if there is any way your pet could escape and become lost during the first few weeks in your new home. Also, update address details are your vet as well to ensure you receive all reminders and important information regarding your pet’s health.

Get help with other tasks

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