Office Removals in Sydney: What to Consider When Moving to a Larger Office Space

Well, you did it. You secured that larger office space because business is good, and morale? It’s never been higher with the new office in your sights. But before you skip off into the sunset, there is the move to contend with. If this gives you some stress, then unfortunately you are in the majority there. But moving your office to a new space doesn’t have to be challenging. Find out how you can make it a seamless and, dare we say, enjoyable task.

Get professional help

 It’s one thing winging your move when you are changing flat. But an office move demands a higher quality, as does the materials being moved that are specialised and paid for by the company. Finding professional office removals in Sydney will give you peace of mind, and take away the guaranteed grunt work. It will also afford you more insurance that the office materials will arrive where they should, by the time agreed upon.

 Plan and label accordingly

 Do not underestimate the power of planning and clear labelling when it comes to packing up your office and moving it to a new space. There are more bits and pieces than you can ever imagine, and failure to keep the right things together may mean that your employees won’t be able to do their right job as they can’t access their work technology and equipment. Not many business can run for too long without everyone doing their normal tasks, so make sure your planning is thorough. Depending on the size of your office, you can even colour code your labelling and item specification to be more efficient.

 Cull what you need to

 Look, now is as good as any time to start culling all that office clutter that has been mounting over the years. Maybe it’s confined to one or two rooms, or more predictably, it is scattered everywhere in the office. As you are packing your office to move, have a frank conversation with the greater team about what needs to come and what can be thrown away. It also has a commercial benefit, as you will not need to transport as many boxes and your pack-down and set up will take less time.

Understand who wants what

 Before you move, it is good practise to revisit your rental contract to familiarise yourself with what belongs to the building. Also understand what has been bought and installed (either in your time or previously) so that you know what you are entitled to, and what you can remove and take to your next property. This might be straight forward, but some properties may have come with the outdoor furniture you team sit on at lunch, or perhaps you installed those blinds and curtains. Know what is yours, and bring it on the move.

It is easy to lose your head in the heat of a move. Especially when it is your office, and there are more stakeholders involved than just your partner. It can be even more daunting when you are leading a large office team who need some direction on what to do next. The first point of action should be to hire a mover, that way you can get a realistic estimate on the price and procedure ahead.