Moving Overseas

An overseas place like Canada is a great destination. You won’t regret it especially if you get an easy time while on the move. Moving doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is identify what you need and prepare adequately. You will need more than what you would need when moving from one place to another in your home country.

We got you covered. Your international move will be feasible. The first step is to get hold of the must-haves. Once you are armed with these, you are good to go.


Let’s be honest; paperwork is what makes moving look like a daunting challenge. So, to make work easier, you need to be sure that you have every document ready. Being new in another country is tasking enough. You don’t want to deal with issues of forgotten documents.


Make a checklist. This could be the only way to get everything right the very first time. Make the top of the list to contain documents like proof of identity like the birth certificate, medical and vaccine records, qualifications such as your diploma or degree certificates and so on. Think about all the things that you have gathered over time from ever since you were young.

Passport Check

Passports can be embarrassing. Make sure by double checking that it is not expired. If you need to replace it soon, do so early enough. Passport checks should form part of the planning before you decide to move.


If you have never moved from one country to another you may not know that you need a specific type of visa. They include work, business, and tourist visas. Cleary determine which type of visa you need and acquire it in time.

Moving with Family

Don’t assume that one document will be used to verify the identity of your spouse and children. Have them get their own valid documents.

Change of Address

As you move to your new destination, remember the relations you formed over years. Don’t let them get stranded sending you mails that you won’t receive. Do them a favor by rerouting your mail, at least to that of another family member staying in your home country. That would be an easy hack to stay connected. You may also have a new mail address in your new country.


Depending on the reason for your move abroad, you may not have someone already taking care of your accommodation needs. People moving because of business reasons may have this favor from their companies. Book an accommodation space early. Some hotels get full quickly. If you have some special needs, consider booking even earlier. These days you can secure an apartment at the comfort of your room.

Alternatively, book a hotel first. When you arrive at the destination, get an apartment of your choice. Be careful not to sign a lease before inspecting the house. The disadvantage that online booking brings is that you are susceptible to unorthodox dealers. They send a picture which does not represent the true condition of the rental.

Get the best accommodation that you can afford. You need a secure place that will offer good security and protection since you are new in the place. This will determine your stay in the new country. Take time to explore the area once you arrive.

Cutting Unnecessary Expenditures

Your current gym membership won’t serve you when you are away. You are simply paying for what you can’t access. The best thing to do is cancel all such subscriptions. You shouldn’t continue getting cable bills when you aren’t a user anymore.

After canceling the phone and cable plans, you can reduce your expenditure a notch higher. Get a bank that doesn’t charge foreign transactional fees.

Secure Finances

Moving is costly. It will make quite a dent on your wallet. This shouldn’t be an issue if you have planned for it. After all, you won’t always need that much. The first few months of settling are all that you need to fund heavily.

Some banks will be suspicious if you are not used to spending so much before. As a security check, they will suspend your accounts to make sure that you are not a victim of fraudulent activity. However, this will inconvenience you in the meantime.

To avoid the mayhem, notify your bank in advance that you will be doing more than normal transactions. They will make a provision to support your needs. This is a very important step in ensuring that you don’t get stranded at the airport of the new country with no cash to move.

Don’t take chances when you are headed to a foreign land. Always have hard cash for emergencies. You will appreciate it when you need it. Also, ensure that the cash you carry around is accepted in the country of destination. As a rule of thumb, dollars, Euros, and pounds are hardly rejected.

Another reason why you should carry cash is to cover the services that don’t accept cards. Don’t assume that the services that support debit or credit cards in your country will automatically be bought using the same when you reach your destination.

The Facebook and Twitter Factor

When you log in to your social media accounts using a foreign gadget or from a foreign location, they may be shut down. If you are an ardent social media fan, you won’t rest until the problem is solved.

Just like the bank, this is usually a security check. Get ahead of them and use your identity to sign in. This way, it is difficult to dispute a foreign login. You shouldn’t miss a friend’s post just because you relocated.

The Nitty-Gritties

In your home country, you are used to biannual dental checks and other health checks. Unless you sort this issue, you will have problems in your new country. Arrange to have the last appointment. During the appointment ask if you can get referred to a trusted healthcare provider in the new country.

Receive all the necessary vaccines. In some destinations, it is a requirement to get some types of vaccines. This will protect you from getting preventable illnesses. Carry with you the medical documents showing proof of your up-to-date vaccination.

Packing and Going

Once you have set everything ready, the rest is easy. You will just pack like any other move. Put into considerations what you may not get in the new country and pack them. Avoid carrying everything as some things can be bought easily in any store.

Follow airline guidelines. Most airlines have a maximum number of bags that you can carry with you. you may find it cheaper to use other services such as package mailing. The bags that you carry around should not miss clothes and accessories.

You only need a few toiletries when traveling. They are easily accessible in many parts of the world. Unless you insist to use a certain type of product which may not be found elsewhere, travel light.

Important accessories not to miss include chargers for your laptop, phone, tablet etc. you may carry a camera with you to capture sceneries. Remember to carry its charger and accessories as well.

If you are set and ready, the remaining thing is to go. Good luck!