How to Perfectly Pack Up Your Garden Items to Move

From tools to plants, there’s a lot to consider when packing up your garden. If you’re moving in Australia, hiring professional movers like Hire A Mover can make this task easier. Here’s a guide on how to perfectly pack up your garden items for a move.

1. Plan Ahead

Before you start packing, plan ahead. Make a list of all your garden items, including tools, furniture, pots, and plants. This will help you stay organised and ensure you don’t forget anything. If you’re hiring a moving company Sydney based, inform them about your garden items so they can prepare accordingly.

2. Gather Packing Materials

Professional packers recommend using sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape to protect your garden items. You might also need plastic pots for plants and large garbage bags for soil and other loose items. If you’re using a Sydney removalist, they can often provide these materials or advise on what you’ll need.

3. Prepare Your Plants

Plants need special care when moving house. Water them a day before the move to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Place smaller plants in plastic pots if they’re in breakable containers. For larger plants, wrap the pots in plastic to prevent soil from spilling. If you’re moving in Australia’s hot climate, try to move plants during cooler parts of the day.

4. Clean and Dry Tools

Before packing garden tools, clean and dry them thoroughly to prevent rust and dirt from spreading. Remove any fuel from power tools to avoid spills. Wrap sharp tools like pruners and shears in bubble wrap or old towels to prevent injuries. Professional movers can handle heavy and awkwardly shaped tools safely.

5. Disassemble Garden Furniture

If you have garden furniture, disassemble it as much as possible. This makes it easier to pack and transport. Keep all screws and small parts in a labelled bag taped to the furniture pieces. Professional packers can help with this process, ensuring everything is packed securely.

6. Pack Pots and Decorations

Garden pots, statues, and other decorations should be packed carefully to avoid breakage. Wrap each item in bubble wrap and place them in sturdy boxes. Fill any empty spaces with packing paper to prevent items from shifting during the move. Packers from Hire A Packer have experience in packing delicate garden items.

7. Label Everything

Clearly label all boxes with their contents and indicate if they are fragile or need special handling. This helps the movers know how to handle each box and makes unpacking easier. Professional packers will label boxes as they pack, ensuring everything is organised and easy to find.

8. Transporting Plants

On the day of the move, transport plants in your car if possible. This gives you more control over their environment and ensures they don’t get too hot or cold. If you must put them in the moving truck, make sure they are the last items loaded and the first unloaded. Professional movers can advise on the best way to transport your plants.

9. Set Up Your New Garden

Once you arrive at your new home, unpack your garden items as soon as possible. Replant your plants and set up your garden furniture. Water your plants immediately to help them recover from the move. Hire A Packer can also help with the unpacking process.

In conclusion, packing up your garden items doesn’t have to be stressful. With careful planning and the help of professional movers, you can ensure everything arrives safely at your new home. These tips will help make your move smoother and more efficient. Using professional packers will give you peace of mind, knowing your garden items are in good hands.