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Planning an interstate move to Sydney, Brisbane or Perth? Or something short like Prospect to Henley Beach or Mawson Lakes? We have you covered. We have two basic plans and then we have removalist consultants for the large or medium moving jobs. The first basic package is $140.00 per hour, where you will get 2 men and a large truck. The second plan is $180.00 per hour, where you will get three strong men and a large truck.

Hire a Mover Knows the Ropes

We’re not braggers. But our lawyers wanted to tell you it was okay to let you know we’re number one in the removalist business. We use sophisticated A.I. software to track our customers pick up and destination requirements and plan the costs down to the penny. We fit into your budget and deliver outstanding service.


From $140/hour (Inc. GST)

Recommended for Apartment
or Small House (1-2 bedroom)


From $180/hour (Inc. GST)

Recommended for Average Home
or Large Apartment (3+ bedroom)

How Hire a Mover Saves You Money

We can supply you with optional packers to pack your cartons at a rate of 4.5 cartons per hour. The packer even labels each carton’s contents. You can unpack yourself, or we will unpack it.

We discovered that by putting our 10 tonnes trucks and Utes in every major city in Australia we can save money in getting to our customers. We save you additional money by adding cartons from other customers going in your direction and pass the savings on to you.

We are a member of the nationwide Hire-A-Box Group, and can sell you your cartons at a 10% discount. That is three ways to save and we have not even shown up at your door yet! We can offer comprehensive insurance for our customers. We also carry our own insurance to cover all contingencies while handling and moving your valuables.

Prospect Council in Beautiful Adelaide

Prospect Council is located south of the Mawson Lakes and east of Henley Beach. Prospect came into being in 1836. Before this time the Kauma tribe used to wander on these plains. Prospect has many amenities, including public barbecue areas, parks, playgrounds, a skate park, a cycle fun track, and tennis courts. Prospect also has an excellent library. Every Thursday is a farmer’s market where 15 to 30 farmers sell their artisan wines and produce. Prospect also has a public bus system that is based on your donation.

We Work 7 Days a Week in Prospect and the Surrounding Areas

We can also offer you storage services for your valuables. The monthly rates start at $180.00 per month. We love the small and big jobs. Whether it is moving a college sorority out of their house to moving 9 floors of office furniture from a downtown Sydney office tower, we do it with pleasure. All our customers are important – whether big or small.

Now, it’s your move to call us for questions. Let us show you why Hire A Mover is the most popular removalist in Adelaide.


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