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Updating your address details

Whenever you move house, there’s a lot of administration work involved. As well as moving your furniture and clothing, cleaning, unpacking and settling into your new space, you’ll also have to change your address in a number of different places. To make your life easier, you can use our interactive moving checklist to help you sort out these extra tasks. Look to [...]

By |May 20th, 2020|Blog|Comments Off on Updating your address details

5 of the Best Home Workouts

Whether you’re stuck at home by choice or because you have to be there (hello pandemic times!), you don’t have to go without your daily exercise. There’s a whole range of workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment and without a whole lot of fuss. Here are 5 ideas to get you started: Go for a walk or run You [...]

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Moving House During Difficult Times

Planning to buy a new house or changing rental properties is often a lengthy and drawn-out process, undertaken months in advance. Even with the most careful planning, sometimes the big move arrives when life isn’t so good though. It can be disheartening after all the work you’ve already done, but sometimes moving has to happen even when the timing isn’t exactly how [...]

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8 Things To Do Before Moving to a New House

No matter how organised you are, moving house is never going to be 100% stress-free. With so many things to think about and organise, it’s only natural to feel a little overwhelmed by the process. Don’t know what to do first? Here are 8 things you need to do before moving to a new house: Find a good removalist Before you start [...]

By |February 14th, 2020|Blog|Comments Off on 8 Things To Do Before Moving to a New House

Moving House Checklist

Moving house soon? Hire A Mover has prepared a comprehensive moving checklist to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving process. Download our interactive moving checklist. 4-6 weeks before the move Decide whether you want to undertake the move yourself or hire a professional. If you’re hiring a professional, get quotes from removal companies for your move. Create a folder for [...]

By |December 15th, 2019|Moving|Comments Off on Moving House Checklist

Moving House with Children

Moving house is a busy and stressful time for the whole family. Not only is it disruptive for the lives of adults but it’s especially so for the lives of children who live in the house. The moving process itself is loud and involved, and the idea of leaving behind a familiar home can be upsetting for some children too. If you [...]

By |December 10th, 2019|Blog|Comments Off on Moving House with Children