Moving house soon? Hire A Mover has prepared a comprehensive moving checklist to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving process. Download our interactive moving checklist.

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4-6 weeks before the move

  • Decide whether you want to undertake the move yourself or hire a professional.
  • If you’re hiring a professional, get quotes from removal companies for your move.
  • Create a folder for all your moving documents to keep track of everything related to the move.
  • Think about additional services you might need, such as box hire, storage and/or packing.
  • Moving house gives you the chance to dispose of any items you don’t need any more. You can hold a garage sale, donate unwanted belongings to a local charity, sell them online or give some of them to your friends.
  • Arrange insurance for your move and new home and enquire about any changes to your existing insurance policies

2-3 weeks before the move

  • Update your address details with banks and financial institutions, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, medical providers and schools.
  • Arrange for the redirection of your mail through Australian Post.
  • Contact gas, electricity, internet, phone and TV services about the cancellation and reconnection of the services at your new home.
  • Decide whether you want to pack yourself or hire a professional packing service.
  • If you decide to pack yourself, collect or order your packing boxes and any additional supplies, such as packing tape and markers.
  • You can start organizing and cleaning your house and packing any items that you will not use before the move.

1 week before the move

  • Confirm removalist booking and any travel arrangements you have made earlier.
  • Whether you are moving out of a rental house or your own, make sure that you leave the place clean for the next occupiers.
  • If you are doing the packing yourself, finalise it on the week before the moving day, clearly labeling boxes and keeping track of where you are putting everything so that the boxes are easy to unpack once you move in.
  • To prepare your house for the move, pad doorframes, stairways and other areas and put down drop sheets to prevent damage to carpets and floorboards.
  • Have a separate box for essential items, such as medicine, change of clothes, snacks, kitchen essentials, toiletries and personal documents.

Moving Day

  • Whether you have hired professional movers or are moving with the help of friends or family, try to be organized and in control of the tasks at hand throughout the move.
  • Take a final walk through the house to check if you have not left any of your belongings behind. Close all windows and turn off taps on your way out.
  • If your kids are still small, make sure to have a friend or relative look after them. If they are older, they could even potentially help with some tasks on the moving day.
  • Make sure that your pets have everything they need during the move.
  • If you have hired professional movers, it is essential that you tell them everything they need to know, such as which boxes contain fragile items and where you want your boxes placed in your new home.
Dont forget to download our free moving checklist