Hire A Mover is part of The Hire Group, a relocations company offering clients a turnkey approach to moving home or office.

The Hire Group consists of a number of key businesses and services:

Hire A Mover – offering residential and commercial removal services

Hire A Box – hires and sells cardboard boxes and packaging materials

Hire A Packer – professional packing and unpacking services

How did Hire A Mover come about? Our story

No one likes to hear complaints. At the Hire A Box company, when customers were ordering boxes for their moves, many of them would tell us about the poor removalist experiences they had to endure. We often heard ‘unprofessional‘, ‘unreliable‘, ‘expensive‘ and many other words we simply can’t repeat.

So, about 5 years ago, we developed Hire A Mover with the one goal of shifting the common perception people had of removalists into a more positive light. The key priorities were finding and training great movers, that were not only careful and professional, but were also friendly and understood the importance of keeping clients happy.

We all knew moving could be stressful, so we really wanted to help reduce this stress in every way possible. In addition to these goals, we saw huge discrepancies in the way other removal companies quoted jobs (with hidden fees) and also with the actual delivery of the service.

Put simply, we wanted to make the whole moving process more transparent and headache-free for clients.

Your gain

We would only settle for the best. It took time. We turned people away. But over time we built a large team of professional, efficient and reliable removal teams across the country. Unlike other removal companies with large marketing budgets, we rely heavily on word-of-mouth and referrals for our future business and what better way to get that than by ensuring you have a positive experience with us!